Endrick cites review with Casimiro and ’emotion’ with goals

Endrick had a special night yesterday (25), when Palmeiras won over Athletico Paranaense. The 16-year-old scored his first goals for the professional in the Alviverde shirt and said he was still delighted with the achievement.

On social media, the striker praised the balls on the network and cited the criticism with influencer Casimiro, who streamed the game on Twitch and had the live temporarily taken down.

“God continue to bless me! I am still very happy to have contributed to the victory of my team and even more to have won a unique trophy [Rei do Pitaco]. Taking the opportunity to thank Casimiro for the interview and for having me in his team,” the boy wrote.

After many doubts, Palmeiras’ first goal in the win over Athletico is from Endrick.

Although the first version of the match sheet, signed by referee Braulio da Silva Machado (SC-Fifa), gives the goal to Gustavo Scarpa, the document will be modified, as determined by the UOL Sports and CFB.

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