Eating THIS Nut Will Make Your Gut Healthy, New Study Says

As nuts are the darlings of doctors and nutritionists because they have several health benefits for containing healthy fats and preventing heart problems. Additionally, there is a specific type that nuts that are good for the intestine and that if everyone knew, they should consume it regularly.

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Study shows benefits of almonds for the gut

A new study carried out this year by researchers at King’s College London and published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition draws attention to the benefits of almonds. Thanks to her, it was possible to conclude that the regular consumption of almonds increases butyrate, a type of “good” bacteria for the intestine roughly.

In this case, this type of bacteria is essential for the breakdown of dietary fiber in our large intestine. Moreover, they are the most important fuel source for colon cells. Therefore, they help regulate the absorption of various nutrients in the stomach, in addition to regulating the immune system.

To arrive at the relationship between the increase in butyrate due to almonds, researchers selected 87 healthy adults in a randomized controlled trial. These adults were divided into three groups, one of which ate whole almonds as a snack, another ate ground almonds, and the last ate a muffin.

Almonds: a healthy and beneficial snack

Thanks to the study, it was possible to come to the result that the consumption of whole almonds causes a significant increase in butyrate in the intestine. This, in addition to ensuring greater health for the organ, is also a source of great relief for commonly experienced intestinal discomfort.

Another benefit worth mentioning is the better production of feces, largely due to the high amounts of fiber that almonds contain. Overall, gut health means fewer infections, a lower risk of chronic disease, and even a lower frequency of symptoms of depression.

Therefore, experts recommend consuming this type of nut as an afternoon or morning snack. Even because in addition to being very healthy, they are also very tasty and contribute to generating satiety.

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