Driver caught driving as he receives oral sex, goes viral, gets fined: ‘High risk’

An Australian driver has been fined A$1,087 for driving during oral sex. The behavior was consideredhigh riskby the country’s transport authorities. According to Daily Mail Australia, for having sex while driving, the man received four points in his wallet.

The case unfolded earlier this month in the state of Queensland, Australia. The electronic inspection record was made at Pacific Motorway, at the time of Coomera. The image of the scene was posted to a local Facebook group and has gone viral in that community, which typically records drivers without seatbelts or using their cellphones. In the photo, it is possible to see that the woman sitting in the passenger seat had her face on the ground next to the knees of the man who was driving the vehicle.

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The image went viral in an Australian Facebook group. (Photo: Playback/Facebook)

To the Daily Mail, the Queensland Department of Transport and Food issued a statement on the matter. “Passenger behavior reportedly resulted in an infraction notice related to not wearing or improperly wearing seat belts“, says the note. In the meantime, a ministry representative said that the driver had “high-risk behaviorsbehind the wheel, and the act could result in a serious or fatal accident.

In a group on social media, users considered the possibility that the recording was actually a sex act or that the image actually depicted something else, such as someone sleeping with their head on the driver’s lap. “Has anyone slept on your lap? Is that why you got a fine?“, asked a profile. Another member of the group joked that it was better for the driver to be arrested than to receive the ticket at home. “Imagine if it wasn’t the boy’s wife and that fine was sent back to the wife. how to be arrested“, he commented. “at first i thought it was a doganother said.

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