‘Don’t fuck with me,’ Datena pleads after Guedes’ criticism hits the web

José Luiz Datena was outraged after an old video, in which he criticized Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, went viral on the internet. This Wednesday (26), the journalist explained that the content was taken out of context, reinforced that he remained neutral in the presidential race and appealed to the public: “Don’t fuck me”.

The material, which was shared by federal deputy Alexandre Frota (PSDB), contains complaints from Datena about the work of the minister. “Jair Bolsonaro, president, you are trying to sink Brazil with Paulo Guedes. This man is a man who has already shown that he does not like the poor, he has fucked up the poor so far,” said the communicator.

However, the criticisms are not recent. They took place last year, when the Ministry of the Economy had already lost twelve important names.

The old content has had repercussions in recent hours and as a result, Datena spoke about the matter in Brasil Urgente this Wednesday:

I do not, nor does the band, accept that clips from shows I have done here, or do here, be used to put my name on anyone’s political campaign . It’s a crime, it’s fake news! I commented on Paulo Guedes 100 years ago.

In the positioning, the journalist explains that he avoided talking about politics in the evening attraction: “I do not support a or b, and I will not vote for anyone! These videos are fake news because they are not broadcast at the time. where the comment was made. so you are not allowed to use excerpts from my programs in political campaigning. This is filthy!”.

“From the moment I left politics, I am no longer there to support anyone, no! , because they are dirty. Don’t use my name to make fun of others,” he added.

Check out the old video with the review, and this Wednesday’s Brasil Urgente:

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