Datena Updates Her 6-Year-Old Granddaughter’s Health: ‘It Was Very Serious’

Datena opened up on the condition of her 6-year-old granddaughter, who was hospitalized, during the band’s ‘Brasil Urgente’ live

datena he was more relaxed about his granddaughter’s health when Band’s “Brasil Urgente” debuted on Wednesday (26). in conversation with Catia Fonsecain the ‘Best of the Afternoon’ showcase, the reporter put on a calmer face after spooking viewers with some tense news about his granddaughter.

The ‘Best of the Afternoon’ host began today’s interaction by highlighting how her professional colleague was doing better after having a major scare. Without going into the details of what brought 6-year-old Camila to the hospital, the veteran got emotional as he reported the little girl’s improvement during the conversation.

“It was very serious […] It was just good news, she’s already released, she can go home. But you’re gonna stay here another two weeks just in case, you know? But he is already out. I owe it to the doctors, to Carlinho, to Davi, to Francisco, to doctor Fabiolo and to all the hospital staff of Sírio-Libanês,” Datena said.


The reporter told the day before about the problem of the granddaughter live from the show. The young girl had been hospitalized all this time and had left a real strain on the family and especially on her beloved grandfather. Yesterday he told the public about the good news he received regarding Camila.


“Boy, I’m delighted, I have a message here. Normally I only get bad news on my cell phone, it was wonderful. My granddaughter had an appointment now, and after 40 days in the hospital, with a terrible risk she ran, my son Vicente said, ‘Dad, there’s only good news here, when you get home I’ll let you know,’” the veteran said.

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Datena and Catia Fonseca spoke about the anchor's granddaughter (Picture: Reproduction/Group)
Datena and Catia Fonseca spoke about the anchor’s granddaughter (Picture: Reproduction/Group)

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