City Hall of Cuiab | The Municipal Health Department calls for a new reserve registration for the selection process

The Municipality of Cuiabá published this Wednesday (26) in the edition of the Municipal Gazeta nº 492, pages 22 to 26, another appeal to the professionals of the reserve register of the simplified selection process nº 01/2022, of the municipal department of health, held in May this year.

In this call, paramedics, security guards, administrative professionals, pharmacists, higher education professionals and laboratory technicians were called, obeying the order of ranking in the selection process.

Those summoned will have 15 calendar days from October 26, 2022 to submit all the documentation necessary for hiring. After the deadline, those who did not participate will be automatically eliminated from the contest.

The required documents are:

-Curriculum Vitae – Update

– 3X4 picture

-RG, CPF and Electoral Title, CTPS and copy of the PIS or PASEP

– Reservist certificate

– Proof of opening a (personal) current account at Banco do Brasil, in a branch in the capital; or declaration of not having

-Proof of address

-Occupational health certificate – ASO

-Professional certificate for specific position

– Certificate of civil and criminal status of 1st and 2nd degree, from the Judiciary of Mato Grosso

– Certificate of civil and penal aptitude of the 1st and 2nd degree, of the Federal Magistrature

– Declaration of kinship

– Declaration of assets and values ​​(IRRF previous year)

– Declarations not to exercise any public or private activity incompatible with the exercise of the function

– Higher education diploma in the field of expertise or certificate of achievement accompanied by the transcript of marks and the diploma of the title of specialization (if applicable)

-Medium and higher level with specialization

– Driver’s license “D” and Certificate of emergency vehicle driving and first aid (ambulance driver)

-State certificate of working relationship

-Certificate of communal work relationship

– Certificate of clearance from the National Council of Justice Certificate of clearance of electoral crimes

– Negative certificate of electoral acquittal.

The invited candidates will be present in person for the documentation conference. After verification, the classified must file all the documentation required in the general protocol of the Municipal Health Service of Cuiabá and leave the means of contact to schedule the signing of the temporary contract and other measures on the form.

Check the attachment with the list of summoned

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