CBF takes less than 30 minutes to punish Flamengo x Santos referees

When André Luiz de Freitas Castro whistled to end the match between Flamengo and Santos, at the Maracanã, the fate of VAR Adriano Milczvski and the pitch referee himself was all but set. The formal sentence would come in less than half an hour.

The interval was exactly 40 minutes between the conclusion of the match for the Brasileirão and the publication of the note on the CBF website informing of the removal of André and Adriano from the refereeing scale. The match ended at 11:48 p.m. But the PDF document signed by the chairman of the arbitration committee, Wilson Seneme, was generated at 0:12. 24 minutes after the final whistle.

The referees have been included in the Referee Performance Assistance Program (Pada), an official name for what the football world classifies as “refrigerator”. For the time the referees usually stay in Pada, around a month, the duo are not expected to play in Serie A again this year.

At the same time, Santos published – as soon as the match ended – an open letter from President Andrés Rueda to CBF President Ednaldo Rodrigues. The protest was vehement against the non-registration of a penalty for the São Paulo team in the movement which preceded the first goal of Flamengo, scored by Pedro. If the penalty had been scored, there would have been no red-black goal. The match ended 3-2 for Fla.

The decision was deemed so irrelevant — negatively — that the chairman of the arbitration committee, Wilson Seneme, did not even wait until dawn to announce the removal of the arbitrators. The punishment shows that the blame was shared between those who didn’t see the game live, on the pitch, and those who ignored right-back Matheuzinho’s obstruction in Camacho’s leg.

Usually, the referees are informed of decisions of this type during meetings called feedback, held the morning after the matches. This time, Seneme wanted to act quickly.

He was not at the Maracanã. But everything was coordinated with the president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, and the communication department of the CBF to give a quick response to public opinion and try to soften the criticisms that were already circulating because of the offer that took place in the first semester. .

There was no need for Ednaldo to ask for the “head” from the referees. Seneme’s reaction was deemed proportionate by those working in CBF officiating. The procedure of publishing notes to communicate the withdrawal of referees is not new in the direction of Seneme. He brought this practice back from when he was responsible for referees at Conmebol. The penalties are communicated before publication.

When checking the audios of the VAR check, it is possible to see how André Luiz and Adriano Milczvski interpreted the offer.

“He falls. He (Camacho) makes the cut and falls. And the other (Matheuzinho) stands in front of him,” said Andre Luiz.

“I don’t see it as a penalty here, do I? The leg is already stopped. The foot stops on the side and it trips on the foot. I don’t see any impact. The leg is already stopped “, VAR said.

The CBF reported late morning (26) that VAR assistant Luciano Roggenbaum was also ‘being assessed for technical performance’. This is the “password” to say that he also entered the Pada. Suddenly, change of scale São Paulo x Atlético-GO, this evening. The CBF had to put Rodrigo Nunes de Sá and Silbert Faria Sisquim as VAR and AVAR, replacing Adriano and Luciano.

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