‘The dirtiest man in the world’ was lucky; Most people wouldn’t live that long without swimming

The death this week of the man considered the “dirtiest in the world” drew attention to the fact that someone can go around 70 years without taking a shower. Iranian Amou Haji died at the age of 94, ironically, months after being convinced to take a shower . According to a local official quoted by … Read more

A young man has been hiding in a mall for four years

Michael Townsend, uh young American, lived in a hidden apartment in the middle of a shopping center and nobody noticed him for years. He was discovered by security in 2007 and was eventually convicted of the action. Townsend moved when he was evicted from his former property. The unused space in the Providence Square Mall … Read more

During a fight, a man shoots on the roof of an apartment and kills a woman who was sleeping upstairs

A woman died after your downstairs neighbor during a fight Monday evening (24/10), pulled against the ceiling of your apartment. The blows went through the floor of the apartment above and hit the resident. The incident occurred in Clemmons (North Carolina, USA). The neighbor allegedly used a gun. Emergency services rushed to the scene after … Read more

“I tried to stay calm, but I was scared,” says journalist approached by thieves outside Guayaquil stadium

The Ecuadorian journalist who suffered a attempted robbery while doing a “live” in front of the Barcelona stadiumin Guayaquil (Ecuador), stage of the Libertadores final, next Saturday, between Flamengo and Athletico Paranaense, told PAGE NOT FOUND exclusively that, in the face of violence, he tried to remain calm in the face of criminals. “But I … Read more

Parasite, an origin: the story of the artist who lived for years in a secret room in a shopping center – News

In the early 2000s, artist Michael Townsend had a similar experience to the intruder who inhabited the luxurious mansion depicted in the film. Parasite (2019). However, instead of a house, the young man chose to sneak into the secret room of a shopping center in the city of Providence, Rhode Island (USA). According to the … Read more

Double the money: Britain’s Prime Minister is richer than King Charles III

Rishi Sunak, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, met last Tuesday (25) King Charles III at Buckingham Palace, during a ceremony to formalize the start of the mandate of the politician. The curious part of the meeting between Charles and Sunak is that, in the room where the two met, the king was … Read more

Why mysteries surround the oldest tree on Earth?

THE WASHINGTON POST – The One Who Could Be The tree The oldest tree in the world – a Pinus balfouriana pine tree called Methuselah, thousands of years old – is hidden somewhere along the 7 kilometer Methuselah Trail in Inyo National Forest, California (USA). United). Even photos of her are rare – the internet … Read more

After decision, the destination of the Venezuelan Boeing 747 must be “rotten” in Argentina

Boeing 747-300 – Disclosure – Conviasa The Court of the District of Columbia, in the United States, granted the request presented last Thursday (20) by the local public prosecutor and ordered the seizure of the Boeing 747-300M which arrived in Argentina in June of this year, operating for EMTRASU. , the cargo subsidiary of the … Read more

Living alone and unhappy ages you as much as smoking, study finds – 10/26/2022

Having vulnerable mental health, such as living alone, depressed, and unhappy, accelerates aging as much as other health-impacting conditions, such as smoking. The result comes from a study conducted by Chinese researchers that reinforces the importance of paying attention not only to biological aging, but also to psychological aging. The findings were published in the … Read more