Can you gain muscle by training only twice a week?

Study shows weekly training volume is as important as frequency

A lack of time is one of the main factors that prevent people from engaging in physical activity. With the hectic pace of everyday life, it is common for many to be unable to training more than twice a week and, because they think it’s not enough to get results, they decide to quit (or even not start) the habit.

“The time variable today has become very valuable, so people want quick results and often think they need a lot of time in the gym,” says physical trainer Roberto Lima.

The reality is that exercise is essential for maintaining good health and should not be left out. Even practiced a few days a week, it can still improve physical condition and bring many benefits.

Is it possible to gain muscle mass by training a few days a week?

According to a study published no Journal of Strength and Conditioning Researchoh training volume is just as important as frequency for gaining muscle mass – in both men and women.

The researchers compared the difference between training twice a week and training three times a week while maintaining the same number of sets performed per day. In the end, they realized that the volume of training and the number of times each muscle was worked was more important than the number of times per week the physical activity was performed.

What should a twice-weekly workout look like?

Weekly low frequency workouts should contain a highest serial volume per day, in addition to activating more muscle groups per session. For this, the full body workout (whole body) is the most appropriate method for these cases.

As the name suggests, in this method the whole body is worked through exercises that are considered complex – not because of the difficulty, but by activating more muscle groups. Workouts can last between 10 and 20 minutes. “It does not determine whether the exercise is little or weak. What will determine are the combinations you will do during these 10 minutes, ”explains Roberto Lima.

According to staff, the main benefit of the whole body is that it allows you to work several muscles in a short time. Working out generally boosts the metabolism more, leading to greater fat burning and better cardiovascular conditioning. Other benefits include:

  • Increase in strength;

  • More flexibility;

  • Increased resistance;

  • Muscle hypertrophy.

Since the object of the method is functionality and time optimization, A maximum of two multi-joint exercises are recommended for each muscle group. The number can be reduced to one if the person is a beginner. Some of the most commonly used exercises include:

  • Squat;

  • Deadlift;

  • Supino;

  • Abdominal;

  • Development;

  • Horizontal bar ;

  • paddle.

However, to work, the methodology depends on certain factors, such as number of exercises, sets and repetitions. The whole-body stimulus, in addition to being greater, is significantly more exhausting, especially for someone who has never trained in this way.

Therefore, making an appointment with a physical education professional is essential to avoid making mistakes in the dosage of the exercises or in the execution of the series itself, avoiding the risk of muscle injuries.

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