Botafogo defeats Bragantino and intensifies the fight for the G8

Botafogo won an important victory today (26), for the 34th round of the Brazilian Championship. Playing for Nilton Santos, Alvinegro beat Bragantino 2-1 and stepped up the fight for the G8, an area that guarantees a place for the next Libertadores.

Botafogo was better in the first half and opened the scoring with Gabriel Pires. In the final phase, Bragantino drew with Luan Cândido. The alvinegros came to victory with a goal of Brazil Brazil.

Now, Botafogo has reached 47 points, and will have to dry out its opponents to stay in the G8. América-MG is tied with Goiás with 46 points. São Paulo (also with 47 points) takes on Atlético-GO and Fortaleza (45) hosts Coritiba, both games tomorrow at 7 p.m. Bragantino remains in 13th place, with 41 points.

In the next round, Botafogo will face Cuiabá next Tuesday at Nilton Santos. The next day, Bragantino visits Avaí, in Ressacada.

The game

The match started in a balanced way, with both teams looking for the attack. Bragantino nearly scored in the tenth minute, when Popó got the better of Adryelson, but saw Gatito edge past him to save Botafogo. The hosts then responded, with a kick from Junior Santos that stopped in a fine defense from Cleiton.

From there, Botafogo started to pressure Bragantino. First, Tiquinho Soares is thrown into the area, he is ahead of Cleiton, but Lomónaco seems to save the Paulistas.

At 17 minutes, the alvinegros opened the scoring. Tiquinho Soares took advantage of the cross and sent it over the crossbar. On the rebound, the ball was left for Gabriel Pires to send to goal.

Visitors felt the setback. So much so that Botafogo followed better in the match, but did not take the opportunity to widen the advantage. With this, Bragantino rebalanced and returned to the level of the game.

In the second half, Botafogo continued to miss many passes in the counterattacks. Bragantino took advantage of the spaces and nearly equalized in the 11th minute. Popó was launched into the box and hit Gatito’s exit, out. At 16, the Paulistas scored at Nilton Santos. Luan Cândido received a cross, dominated and kicked without any chance for the goalkeeper.

The setback allowed Botafogo to improve in the game. So much so that the alvinegros once again pressured Bragantino. First, Jeffinho took a risk from outside the box but stopped at Cleiton. In the 25th minute, the hosts scored with Tchê Tchê, who took advantage of the splashed ball in the box and finished for a corner.

In the final part, the confrontation became balanced again. Bragantino presses, but sees Botafogo keeping the ball. With that, the hosts retained the advantage to leave the pitch with the win.


Brazilian Championship – 34th round
Local: Nilton Santos Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Data: October 26, 2022 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:30 p.m. (from Brasília)
Arbitrator: Dyorgines José Padovani de Andrade (ES)
Assistants: Alessandro Alvaro Rocha de Matos (Fifa-BA) and Fabiano da Silva Ramires (ES)
HAS BEEN: Rodrigo Alonso Ferreira (SC)
Revenue: R$ 269,673.00
Audience: 9,984 paying
Yellow cards: Gabriel Pires (Botafogo); Lomonaco, Aderlan, Gabriel Novaes and Popó (Bragantino)
Goals: Gabriel Pires, at 17′ 1st; Luan Cândido, 16′ 2nd, and Tchê Tchê, 25′ 2nd

BOTAFOGO: Gatito Fernández, Daniel Borges, Víctor Cuesta, Adryelson and Marçal; Tchê Tchê and Gabriel Pires; Victor Sá (Patrick de Paula), Júnior Santos (Diego Gonçalves), Tiquinho Soares and Jeffinho (Lucas Piazón). Technician: Luis Castro

BRAGANT: Cleiton, Aderlan, Kevin Lomonaco, Nathan and Luan Candido; Raul, Lucas Evangelista (Gabriel Novaes), Jadsom (Hyoran) and Artur; Werik Popó (Carlos Eduardo) and Sorriso (Helinho). Technician: Mauricio Barbieri

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