Biden warns Russia will make a big mistake if it uses nuclear weapons

The Kremlin has accused Ukraine of planning to use a “dirty bomb” on its own territory to cause international outcry, but Western countries see the issue as Putin’s excuse for military escalation.

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President of the United States, Joe Biden

the president of United States, Joe Bidendeclared on Tuesday 25 that the Russia will make “an incredibly grave mistake” if it decides to use tactical nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine“Russia would be making an incredibly grave mistake by using tactical nuclear weapons,” the president told reporters. The Russian government has denounced the possibility that Ukraine could use a “dirty bomb” on its own territory to blame Russia for its use of weapons of mass destruction and elicit a harsh response from the West, a charge that kyiv has rejected and that Paris, Washington and London see it as a “pretext for a Russian military escalation”. Yet when asked about that possibility, the Democrat said he couldn’t guarantee it was a covert operation designed to look like it was carried out by someone else. “I can’t guarantee this is a false flag operation, not yet, but that would be a big mistake,” he concluded. Also called a radiological weapon, a dirty bomb is a conventional explosive, such as dynamite, enriched with radioactive material which spreads when it explodes, following a doctrine of employment similar to that of chemical weapons. Although they contain radioactive elements, dirty bombs are not atomic weapons.

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