Bianca Andrade does a new facial harmonization and surprises with the result; see before and after

A new woman! Bianca Andrade, also known as Boca Rosa, has shown that she really likes changing up her look. This Wednesday (26), the businesswoman’s new look was revealed after undergoing a facial toning procedure.

The images were released by the aesthetic clinic where Bianca performed the procedure. According to the page, the 28-year-old businesswoman opted for a hyaluronic acid rhino massage, in addition to giving her face a special treatment. Look at this:

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The establishment chosen by Boca Rosa is frequented by other celebrities, such as presenter Christina Rocha, influencers Virginia Fonseca and Flavia Pavanelli, or former BBB Flay and Eslovênia Marques.

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Clinic shown before and after influence procedure (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Several netizens commented on the former BBB 20 contestant’s recent look changes. One profile noted that the influencer’s “new face” ended up remembering a former reality TV mate. “And Boca Rosa, who took the photo of Manu Gavassi as a reference to harmonize”he wrote.

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Other fans, however, pointed out that Bianca managed to achieve a smooth appearance even with multiple plastic surgeries. “Unpopular review: facial attunement only worked in Boca Rosa”pointed to a profile. “One of the only bloggers who knew how to use facial and plastic harmonization in her favor was Boca Rosa”pointed out another.

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Recently, the youtuber was one of the guests of the show “Gabi De Frente de Novo”, hosted by Marília Gabriela, and talked a bit about her relationship with the changes she has already made to her body. “People show me the before and after procedures, some of which I’ve had. A lot. I’ve done all that’s right”said the blockade. “When I was little, what enchanted me the most was the smile. And I had crooked teeth. The day I have my money, I will fix it. That was all you can imagine, I love cosmetic procedures, it’s a bit of a futile part of my life.he confessed.

In addition to her teeth, Bianca revealed that she’s already moved her nose, mouth, and even her cheeks: “I’ve already done my nose, for example. I only changed a little, I didn’t change much. I am picky. I just wanted to fix a few things. ». However, not all surgeries went as she had hoped. “Today, I would do a lot less than me”he told the interview veteran.

Boca Rosa also shared why he fell in love with surgical processes. “I have always been very pragmatic. I thought, “now I want to make my mouth bigger a bit”, so I would go over there and put it on. It also shows how much he has fallen victim to the society that always demands everything to be very beautiful and standardized. It’s a process for me and for all women to find themselves in this environment.remember.

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Finally, she added that she sees no problem in always changing certain details of her appearance. “I always thought, ‘What’s the problem? If it makes me happy and improves my self-esteem. I’m afraid of influencing people to have this futility.”he concluded. Watch the full interview:

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