Banco Inter increases the ceiling for customer cards

Banco Inter even stayed for a while withholding credit increases from its customers, but now it has decided to massively increase the credit card limit of those who use the bank!

According to information from the Alta Renda blog, most people ended up receiving a very high raise, reaching the R$50,000 mark. Of course, there were also more modest increases, of R$500 or R$1,000. So to find out who got these boosts, find out more below!

Banco Inter massively raises limits

To increase your credit card limit, you need to access the Inter app and check your total limit. You may be one of the customers benefiting from the wave of massive credit increases this time around! Discover the reaction of some customers on social networks:

Video comments from the Alta Renda channel also talk about a significant credit limit increase, see:

Reading / Youtube
Reading / Youtube

Benefits of the inter card

Thus, it must be said that currently Inter works with the main variants of the Mastercard brand. Among them are the Gold, Platinum and Black flags.

In addition, the Banco Inter credit card also has a free forever annuity on all cards. Which means you don’t have to pay anything to use one of these cards, not even Mastercard Black.

Another benefit of using bank credit cards is the benefits involved. For example: by using the Gold card, the “laranjinha”, you are entitled to 0.25% cashback on all your purchases.

Inter also offers price protection insurance and purchase protection insurance. And for those looking for more security, the bank also offers an extended warranty of up to 12 months.

Finally, by having a Banco Inter card, you earn the right to participate in the Mastercard Surpreenda points program, which can earn you benefits such as access to VIP lounges and baggage protection, among others.

Accessing the Banco Inter Gold credit card couldn’t be simpler: just download the bank’s Super App (Android and iOS) and request your card. No costs and in a few days it arrives at your address.

You can also upgrade your card to Platinum or Black. Just meet the bank’s requirements to have this type of account, and start enjoying the benefits of each of them!

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