Babi, Petala and Vini form the sixth Roça in A Fazenda 14 – A Fazenda 14

Babi, Petala and Vini form the sixth Roça de The Farm 14 and challenge public preference in the voting that takes place in and the least voted returns home this Thursday (27).

Named by Farmer Lucas, Babi is on the dreaded stool for the second time. The pawn justified his vote by pointing out inconsistencies in the posture and positioning of the actress within the seat.

Vini, on the other hand, was voted the most among the pawns and tallied seven votes from the B side. The voting was fierce and decided by a difference vote, as Ruivinha received six votes from the A side.

Lampião do Poder came out strong and changed the setup for this week’s Roça. Kerline, the owner of the powers, chose to keep the Black Flame, which immunized her and delivered the Green Flame to Petal, sending the pawn straight to the third stool.

The dynamic of Resta Um, which defines the last roceiro, was once again dramatic, and left Deborah to choose between Pelé Milflows and Ruivinha de Marte. At the request of the pawn, the actress saved her friend, and the rapper completed the sixth lineup of the season. It should be mentioned that Pelé Milflows chose to veto Vini from the Farmer Hat dispute.

The Farmer’s Test, broadcast live on Wednesday (26), required precision and agility from competitors and was divided into two stages. First, the pedestrians became a sort of human claw in a machine and had to pick up the greatest number of balls from the most varied sports.

Each item had a different score and they had to be thrown into baskets in the second part of the test. Thus, the one who added the most points became the big boss of the pen.


After a fierce argument with Petala, Pelé Milflows prevailed after showing precision and precision, earning him Roça’s escape and the most coveted hat in rural reality! What will Pelé’s tenure look like in The farm and the distribution of tasks?

Under the command of Adriane Galisteu, The Farm 14 is broadcast daily on the screen of Record TV. access PlayPlus and follow 24 hours a day everything that happens in the Celeiro de Lendas.

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