At 43, the alleged son of Emílio Santiago suffers from the after-effects of a second stroke and, without health insurance, awaits a catheterization at the SUS

After almost ten years of waiting, Aleksander Nunes hopes to have the much desired DNA test this Thursday 27, in order to prove whether or not he is the son of Emílio Santiago. Behind the anguish of not knowing what his origins really are, the music producer still lives yet another drama.

The exhumation of the body of Emilio Santiago for the alleged DNA of his son is postponed

The body of Emílio Santiago will be exhumed today, nine years after his death, for his alleged son to make DNA

At 43, Aleksander recently had another stroke and walks with the aid of a cane. The producer, who lives in Bom Jesus da Lapa, Bahia, had already suffered a stroke nine years ago, shortly after Emilio’s death, in Rio de Janeiro. The singer also suffered from complications after an ischemic stroke and died in 2013.

Singer Emílio Santiago died in March 2013
Singer Emílio Santiago died in March 2013 Photo: Disclosure

After the exhumation, Aleksander will return to Bahia and will have to undergo a catheterization. Without health insurance, he is treated by the SUS and has been forbidden by his doctor to give interviews and the order to stress as little as possible. Emílio’s alleged son now lives off his mother’s pension, a minimum wage and a position he holds at the town hall where he lives and pays child support for two children.

Alexander Nunes
Aleksander Nunes Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

For the proof of paternity examination, Aleksander even did a virtual crowdfunding to raise R$15,000. Eighteen months after Emílio’s death, Aleksander conducted the first DNA test with the singer’s half-sister. The report showed the result at 63% certainty of the degree of relatedness between them. But only an exhumation of Emilio’s remains could prove it with a higher percentage.

Some time later, the producer did another test with Emilio’s genetic material which was supposedly stored before his death, but the result showed only a 12% chance that the singer was his father.

Aleksandre Nunes at Emilio Santiago's funeral wake in 2013
Aleksandre Nunes at Emilio Santiago’s wake in 2013 Photo: reproduction

Now, Aleksander has finally obtained permission from the court so that the exhumation of Emilio’s body can be carried out and, thus, he can prove, or not, his relationship with the musician. At the time of his death, the inheritance left by Emílio was valued at 10 million reais.

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