“And São Paulo sleeping…”; Riquelme confirms Flamengo’s proposal and Boca’s highlight provokes ‘envy’ of rivals on the web


The Boca Juniors idol commands the football department today and handed Mengão’s recent offer to one of La Bombonera’s strong points

Photo: Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images - Riquelme has confirmed Flamengo's offer to one of Boca Jrs team strengths
Photo: Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images – Riquelme has confirmed Flamengo’s offer to one of Boca Jrs team strengths

The delegation of Flamengo embarked, in the morning of this Wednesday (26), towards Guayaquil for the final of the Libertadores against Athletico-PR. You can check out all the best of the decision on Star+. After the 3-2 victory against Santos, Dorival Júnior and his team are fully focused on the fight for the third continental championship.

That doesn’t mean that Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel aren’t watching the market for reinforcements for Mengão, especially with the possibility of playing in the Club World Cup. One of the names circulating in recent weeks is the goalkeeper Agustín Rossi, from Boca Juniors. The 27-year-old archer has a contract that expires in Buenos Aires in June 2023.

This Wednesday, in a radio interview The Web, Xeneize idol and currently La Bombonera executive director Riquelme has confessed that Flamengo formalized an offer to take the goalkeeper around a year ago. The values ​​have been revealed: 1.5 million US dollars (8 million reais at today’s prices). The proposal was not accepted by Boca.

The hope was that the Argentine leaders would reach an agreement with Rossi himself to extend their relationship, which didn’t happen. And Flamengo’s rival has already complained that his team didn’t make a more incisive attack on the Boca keeper. “And São Paulo asleep, waiting for the train to pass again…”, criticized a user on Twitter.

According to Buenos Aires media, a new meeting is expected between Riquelme and the athlete’s manager, Miguel González, who recently blew Boca Juniors’ attitude. In a recent interview, Rossi’s lawyer accused the club of ingratitude and revealed the salary the goalkeeper receives in Buenos Aires – 1.5 million pesos (around R$60,000) per month. “Boca doesn’t want Rossi to sign. To say that what we are asking for could break the club is unbelievable. The club continues to be ungrateful to him”he said at the time, indicating Rossi’s departure in January.

Marcos Braz, in turn, has revealed Rossi as an alternative for Flamengo, but Santos’ arrival has chilled negotiations for the Argentine keeper. Note that, from the Argentine club, midfielder Agustín Almendra has also been offered to manage Mengão in recent days.

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