An EXTRA payment of R$ 110.00 is confirmed for the end of the year; find out who can withdraw

The federal government created Vale-Gás in 2021. In fact, there was already an income transfer program that helped families in a situation of social vulnerability to buy a bottle of gas before. But since last year, there have been some changes. Currently, the benefit is paid as an additional payment from Auxílio Brasil.

Indeed, the Gas Valley is paid with the Auxílio Brasil. The difference is that the federal government pays the assistance each month. During this time, the additional deposit is paid every two months. That is, every two months.

With that in mind, see what Gas Valley’s next installment will be by reading this article.

The Ministry of Citizenship announced the payment of an additional deposit of R$110.00 for families to purchase cooking gas – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

No additional payments will be made in November

First, it’s important to understand how the Gas Valley payment works. As mentioned earlier, its payment takes place every two months, at the same time as the payment of the Auxílio Brasil or the BPC (Continued Provision Benefit). The value of the extra deposit is to help families buy a 13 kg gas cylinder.

Initially, the benefit covered the costs of only half the bottle. But, after the approval of the PEC (Constitutional Amendment Proposal) of the benefits, he started to cover all the costs. It is important to say that the Constitution prohibits the creation or expansion of social benefits during elections.

The rule exists to try to prevent government officials from using public money to buy votes. Thus, the government used a legal maneuver to approve the PEC, declaring a state of public calamity until the end of the year, when it expires. Therefore, from 2023 Vale-gás only pays for half the bottle.

Regarding the value of the additional payment, it also follows a different rule from Auxílio Brasil. Good Gas has no set fixed value. In fact, it changes by month. The ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels) is the institution responsible for carrying out the calculation.

To define the value of the additional deposit, it is necessary to use an average of the price of the cylinder of gas of all the States, during the last six months. Thus, the value of Good Gas varies. His last payment was in October and was R$112.00. For this reason, it will not happen in November. The next Vale-gás payment will not take place until December, according to the official schedule of the Ministry of Citizenship. The filing has yet to reveal what the value will be.

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Who has the right to ask for Good Gas?

Given that, see who can get the extra down payment, every two months. To access the Gas Valley, you must: register with CadÚnico; have a monthly family income of up to half the minimum wage per person; have a total monthly family income equal to or less than three minimum wages.

Additionally, those who receive more than three minimum wages, but who are recipients of income transfer programs, can also access Vale-gás. Finally, BPC recipients can also earn the extra share.

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