Adele posts beautiful video for ‘I Drink Wine’, featuring handsome fisherman and lots of glasses; look

This Wednesday (26), Adele premiered the video for ‘I Drink Wine’. This is the third video from their latest album, “30”, released last November. On Instagram, the artist revealed that the single was actually the first she was recording for this new era.

True to the title of the song, the footage shows Adele reflecting on life while holding a glass of wine. Dressed in a golden dress, the Briton walks on the waters of a river, protected by a buoy. Along the way, she passes through beautiful landscapes and observes different scenes, such as a mother and her daughter resting by the river. Moments later, it’s the turn of a handsome fisherman to try to seduce her. The boy is played by Kendrick Sampson’s muse, Nathan, from “Insecure.” The effort is such that he dives into the water and exchanges a few flirtations with the diva, but she resists the temptation and the fisherman is soon tossed aside.

After the whole story, however, Adele grows tired of drinking so much and refuses the dancers glasses of wine. Then she spills the contents of her own glass into the river. In the final take, the blonde appears alone, without the floater and surrounded only by flowers until the entire studio is shown. Look:

The singer – who revealed her desire to come to Brazil with her new tour – has already commented on the music video previously. “O the clip was recorded a while ago and it’s just hilarious! It’s the most exaggerated thing you’ll ever see. And I think everyone will dress like that for Halloween next year. There are so many fun parts!said Nikkie Tutorials. Check:

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She also previously revealed that “I Drink Wine” would originally be 15 minutes long. “The record company said, ‘Look, everybody loves you, but nobody’s gonna hear a 15-minute song on the radio.“, recalled the singer to Rolling Stone. Also according to the publication, the “wind” at the end of the song would have come from a suggestion from a friend of the artist. Identified as Jed, he suggested Adele start recording her moments of doubt, and one of those recordings ended up being incorporated into the song.

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