A widow abandons her house after an argument with her sisters-in-law

After exposing the dispute with his sisters-in-law over the apartment he was living in, Clevinho Santos, widower of singer Paulinha Abelha, said he had given up the property.

“I came here to give you some satisfaction. I spoke to my family, to my lawyer. I have every right to housing, but I don’t want problems, I want peace, I need to move on with my life and I’ve suffered too much. I’ve decided to give up my right to housing,” the model shared on Instagram Stories.

“From today, from this moment, girls [cunhadas] will take care of their father, here in the house. Yes, I decided to leave. Everything I could do, I did with love and affection, both with Paulinha and Gilson,” Clevinho said, mentioning his father-in-law.

“From today care and things are left to them, let them take care of them, take care of them with lots of love and affection, just like Paulinha did. I want you to understand me I rent a place to stay, my little corner, where I will have peace I don’t want any more problems, I just want to live my life in peace I think I have suffered too much to be involved in a direct controversy”, concluded the widower of the singer of Calcinha Preta.


In September, six months after his wife’s death, Clevinho exposed his disagreement with his sisters-in-law in an interview with ‘Domingo Espetacular’ (RecordTV).

“Paulinha’s father has always been taken care of by her and by me. Since 2017, the beginning of his illness, he has accompanied us. Me and Paulinha”, commented Clevinho, in the interview which will be broadcast next Sunday (4 ).

The model said Paulinha Abelha’s sisters wanted him to leave the apartment where he cared for his stepfather to gain access to the inheritance the father received from his daughter.

“And now, by inheritance, they decided to talk to me and say they wanted his share, of his inheritance, but they didn’t want to take care of him. And then I refused,” he said. he declares.

The biggest fight today is all because of that. They want the father because of the father’s heritage.
Clevinho Santos

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fight details

Clevinho Santana, widower of Paulinha Abelha, responded in a note sent to Splash to the statements made by Andrea, the singer’s sister. She said she had to move there to care for her father, whose health is deteriorating.

“Who always took care of Mr. Gilson was Paulinha and me. The girls never even visited him. Now money speaks louder and so does the inversion of values,” said Clevinho Santana in the text.

According to Clevinho, Paulinha’s sisters would be interested in Paulinha’s share of the inheritance going to his father, but that goes to his legal guardian as Gilson is unable to answer on his own. “If they want access to Mr. Gilson’s share, they must also pursue the mission of taking care of him,” Clevinho’s memo reads.

He says that, by agreement, the house where he lived with Paulinha will be sold and the money passed on to the singer’s heirs: “Because he owns the majority and has the right of ownership, Clevinho can stay in the house until that he receives the share that suits him at the sale, without having to leave the property”.

In a video posted on social networks, Andrea says she wants to live in the house of Aracaju to take care of her father, because where she lives she does not have the means to do so: “There is no no resources for my father’s lover wood. go home. He’s the one going there and we’re going home. If my father were otherwise, I would bring him here, yes. But he can’t, his little room is right there, he has all the equipment there in Aracaju”.

In the note, Clevinho says he will not take care of his ex-stepfather “due to the greedy motivation of his daughters, who never showed any interest in their father’s care.” Asked about the case on Instagram, he added: “Unfortunately for Justice, who should stay with him are the girls, who are blood. Who only now have shown an interest in this. If it were up for it to me, I would continue to take care of him like I always have.” .

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