3 days before the end of the campaign, polio vaccination coverage increases to 69% in Artur Nogueira

Photo: Artur Nogueira Town Hall

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The National Polio Campaign ends this Friday, October 28 in Artur Nogueira. A few days before the end, vaccination coverage rose to 69.82% – according to data updated by Health Surveillance on Wednesday (26). The goal is to vaccinate 95% of the target audience.

The campaign aims to reach children under 5 who have not yet been vaccinated with the first doses of the immunizing agent (which is applied at 2, 4 and 6 months, by intramuscular injection) and to encourage application of the booster dose, which occurs in the middle of the well-known droplet.

In Artur Nogueira, vaccination against infantile paralysis takes place in eight vaccination rooms. They are: Blumenau, São Vicente, Bom Jardim, Jardim do Lago, Sacilotto, Coração Criança, Teresinha Vicensotti and Espaço Mãe e Filho. Parents and/or guardians must present the vaccination card when receiving the dose.


The Municipality of Artur Nogueira, through the Department of Health Surveillance, warns the population of the risk of reintroduction of poliomyelitis. Despite the eradication of the disease in the country – no case having been recorded since 1989 – the low vaccination coverage worries specialists.

The risk was reported by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and transmitted to municipalities by the São Paulo state government. Since then, cities, including Artur Nogueira, have worked on a task force to reach the public who have not yet been vaccinated, through extended hours in vaccination rooms, on D-Day, campaigns in schools and at events.

“Polio can cause irreversible paralysis and in some cases can even be fatal. Fortunately, the disease can be prevented with the vaccine. Therefore, our call is for parents and guardians to vaccinate our children and, in this way, protect them,” highlighted Health Surveillance Coordinator Milena Sia Perin.


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